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We save thousands of businesses valuable time & money by automating their daily mundane tasks, particularly those related to data extraction, using 100% managed ethical data extraction & automation services.

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Nearly 60% workers estimate they could save six or more hours a week — almost a full workday — if the repetitive aspects of their jobs were automated.

These are Our Most Popular Web Scraping & 
Automation Solutions

Custom Solutions
Lead Generation Solutions
Real Estate Solutions
Ecommerce Solutions
On top of simply collecting data from any website, these are some custom solutions our customers love
Monitor Competitor Pricing
Optimize product pricing and increase sales by monitoring competitor pricing.
Convert Websites to Realtime API(s)
Setup API(s) that act as real time data feeds from a website and consume within business applications.
PDF Data Collection and Processing
Extract large amounts of data from PDF(s) and export to 3rd party systems automatically.
Google Data Collection
Scrape google search results, google reviews, google places and other google suite of products to generate thousands of leads in few minutes.
Trigger Time Sensitive (SMS/Email) Notifications
Monitor for new listings or items on a website and get notified within seconds before anyone else sees the listing or item on a website
Automate Web browser Tasks
Automate anything you do on a browser. Save time with mundane tasks.
Our Lead Generation Solutions helped thousands of businesses to
Lead Generation Campaigns
Generate Leads from websites like LinkedIn, Facebook & other industry specific websites
Collect Important Business Data
Find Business critical data like “Phone numbers, Reviews, Menus, Prices” from websites like, TripAdvisor & many other websites
Search for Jobs and Candidates

Find Job listings & candidates looking for opportunities from websites like” & many other job listing websites to generate targeted leads

Targeted Leads Collection

Extract data from listing websites like “Craiglists,” & Many other private listing websites to generate targeted leads

Our Real Estate Data Extraction Solutions helped thousands of real-estate businesses to
Generate Property Leads
Generate leads from Real Estate websites & Property Listings websites to find targeted Contact information
Extract Property Listings
Extract property listings from websites like, & Many other real estate websites to display on their own websites
Analyse Price Trends

Extract Historical holiday rental prices from websites like, for properties currently on sale

Location Based Searches
Monitor real estate listings for a preferred location and discover sold prices hidden from the public
Our data extraction platform helped thousands of Ecommerce owners to,
Optimize Product Pricing
Optimize product pricing by monitoring competitor pricing for the same product and automatically adjusting with a profit margin to increase sales.
Ecommerce Automation
Upload products from suppliers & Monitor for Out of Stock warnings to automatically update product stock levels in their own stores
Competitor Price Monitoring
Monitor price increases of selected eBayAmazon, Walmart, AliExpress, Etsy & Other suppliers and automatically adjust product pricing in their own online stores
Find Top Selling Products
Find the weekly top ranked products from AmazoneBay, Walmart, Etsy & many other websites to list them automatically on their websites

Integrate data with your existing systems

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How we help you

With the ability to gather valuable information from & automate an extensive range of online platforms, our team of web scraping & automation professionals are able to keep you up-to-date with web analytics, consumer behaviour, and a plethora of other informative statistics without any manual work. We are dedicated to handling the entire data scraping & automation process, allowing you to focus on saving so much valuable time & money for your business.
Your Problem
Our Solution
Manual mundane tasks & manual data collection can be time consuming.
100% fully automated web automation & data extraction. No hassles. No headaches. Just the data delivered or tasks completed.
Off the shelf software can often lead you to more manual work and not fully customised.
Fully customised applications for specific data export needs. 0% manual work invovled.
Complicated IP bans if not done correctly due to violating terms and conditions of websites.
100% white hat data extraction without disturbing terms & conditions or website bandwidths fair usage policies.
Needs 24/7 uptime hardware resources and technical knowledge to perform big data extractions & automations.
Fully managed hardware resources dedicated for data extractions / automations & 24/7 uptime.
Websites are protected with CAPTCHA if frequently tampered with same IP address.
Fully automated IP rotations & CAPTCHA solving for even the trickiest websites to get the data from.

Why Scraping Solutions

Allowing businesses full access to the vast world of knowledge and marketing intelligence that they need to excel above their competition, Scraping Solutions’ customisable range of data scraping & automation software solutions are an excellent way to maintain your place at the cutting edge of your field. With daily updates and a 24/7 web scraping schedule, our team of experienced professionals work diligently to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.
30 day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the extracted data
We won’t lock you into a contract, so you can cancel any time
Fully managed hardware resources dedicated for data extractions & 24/7 uptime
We don’t abuse websites with the same IP address
Free 12 month support pack on all software packages with no hidden fees
Receive data downloads daily for your projects
Send SMS marketing campaigns directly to the leads you generate through our data extraction jobs, using our self-serviced SMS marketing portal
Launch Email marketing campaigns directly to the leads you generate through our data extraction jobs, using our self-serviced Email marketing portal
Let us design, send and manage responses for SMS marketing campaigns on behalf of your business, and send warm leads daily to your inbox
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What Our Clients Say

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Why Choose Us for Web Scraping  & Automation Services?

We boast high levels of experience in developing data scrapers

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in this business. We have been conducting our web site scraping services in Australia for the past nine years and have garnered huge amounts of knowledge and expertise in this time. Each month we develop more than 25 web scraper applications for clients – that’s roughly 300 a year! With more than 100 reviews on and, we have been rated as one of the top 100 companies for site scraping solutions.

Our data scraping services are awesome, efficient and hassle-free

We don’t just build web crawlers, we also run them. This takes all the complexity out for the user’s sake. We provide daily data extraction reports so you can monitor what’s going on, while our software is cross-platform compatible, meaning it can suit just about any device. Furthermore, we provide demo versions so clients all throughout Australia can test things out before committing themselves to purchasing a data scraper.

We provide constant support throughout your website scraping project

Not only do we allocate a dedicated project manager to each client, we also make ourselves available 24/7 Australia wide via Skype to chat to you about the current details of your data scraping project. We provide three-day status reports about your ongoing project as well as project dashboards to track the progress of the data scraping development. Our policy allows unlimited modification requests during the first 30 days after we have implemented your website scraping application. We can also execute digital services in-house for any projects that are required.

Our clients are also given web scraper service, crawler support post-project

We don’t simply disappear from the picture once your web data extractor project is finished. We promise a two-day turnaround time in case any modifications need to be made to crawlers while also providing a 24/7 online support system for support requests in case you run into any trouble. If you have questions, our team offers consulting Australia wide about web scraping tools and will gladly educate users for free about the legality of the tasks they wish to perform. With 12 months’ warranty against any defects, you know your data scraper system is protected even after we leave the scene.
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Is data extraction & automation legal?

Every project we undertake involves the collection of publicly available data or the automation of manual tasks, which is completely legal. However, there may be instances where a specific website explicitly states in their terms and conditions that copying or replicating data is not allowed. In such cases, we take the initiative to contact the website on your behalf and ensure that our actions align with legal guidelines. If a website's terms and conditions prohibit automation, we utilize our human cloud worker network to handle the tasks, ensuring that there is no actual automation performed on the website. Our dedicated team of humans guarantees a 24-hour delivery time frame for all tasks.

In the past, there have been numerous cases where companies have wrongly claimed ownership over data on their websites, despite it being public knowledge. Court rulings have consistently upheld the legality of web scraping, with recent examples such as LinkedIn being ordered to allow users to scrape data.

We respect each platforms terms and conditions and we want scraping solutions customers to use our service responsibly.

Can you collect data or automate tasks from any website?

Yes. As long as the data is publicly available information that you can view through a web browser, we can extract it or perform a browser task automation to save time.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, of course.

We provide a 12-month warranty against defects, so you can test the automation task or review the data we collect as much as you want and if you can find a bug within 12 months, we will fix it for free.

How can I export the data I collect?

There are multiple ways in which you can export the data.

The most commonly used options include exporting the data to Excel, CSV, or a database of your preference. If you have a specific data export preference that you would like to discuss, we are more than happy to accommodate it. Furthermore, we provide customized integrations with your existing business systems, eliminating the need for manual data import and ensuring a seamless integration of the data we collect.

How fast can I collect the data or automate tasks?

All our solutions have the ability to run on multi-thread mode (that means they run more than one instance in parallel) to increase the speed of the data extraction & automation. However, the actual speed may vary depending on the speed of the website. We are more than happy to test and give you some rough numbers before you start a project with us to see whether you will be happy with the delivery timelines.

Will a website block my IP address?

If you purchase one of our cloud packages you don't have to worry about IP blocks at all, because we take care of all this for you. However if you are planning to run your own software or automation script continue reading..

Websites usually block your IP address if they see an unusual amount of connections being made from a single IP address. They do this to make sure the website doesn’t slow down for everyone else using it simply because of one single person’s activity. As long as you are using it in a controlled manner, there is no reason a website should block you.

All our solutions are already catered to make sure we don’t send huge amounts of requests within a short period of time. For this we use techniques like “random time delays” between requests we send to the website to extract data or to automate a task. We also use a technique called “multiple user agent simulation” in our scripts to mimic an actual browser behaviour in our scripts, so the chances you will get blocked by a website are very minimal.

What is a proxy? Where can I buy one?

A proxy is an IP address that you can purchase/rent from the Internet to connect to a website. If you want to scrape large amounts of data from one single website within a short period of time, we want to make sure your IP address won’t get blocked by a website. To do this, we buy private proxies and use them in the scraping program. Please contact us to find out the cheapest and best private proxies to buy with the highest speed.

Will my scraper work in any operating system?

Yes. all our programs are compatible with OSX, Linux and Windows. Please make sure you mention the operating system you will be running the scraper on prior to starting the project.

Our Managed Services

How can our managed website scraping services help you?

Data scraper applications are only the first part of what can often be an ongoing process. If you would like to receive continuous data frequently, we can implement an automated process for you. Our Australia wide managed services are just the tool you need for hassle-free data collection; we run the web scraper applications for you and simply send you the data to observe. It’s that easy.