Our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Its pretty simple really. If you didn’t like our work when we deliver your data or software and we can’t fix what’s wrong with the data or software, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

Please note the following important notes about our 30 days money back guarantee

To be eligible for our 30 days money back guarantee, you must report any issues with your project within 2 days of first delivery and provide indication that you like for a refund before any subsequent project deliveries. You will forfeit any claims for our 30 day money back guarantee, if you didn’t request a refund on the first project milestone delivery.

In very rare circumstances we will let you know that you are not eligible for a full refund before you make a payment, depending on the complexity or nature of your project. If this is communicated prior to your payment, you will also waive your right for our 30 days money back guarantee.

We also believe in fair business. So please don’t take our money back guarantee as a replacement for free work, unless we specify that our work is free of charge for you.

Please make sure you are happy with our 30 days money back guarantee before making a payment to an invoice. If you have any questions, please contact your project consultant for further clarifications.


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  • they did great work and was very responsive to any questions. As with most jobs in this area the spec changed and working through these changes was a painless process.We look forward to our next project with scraping solutions!

    Bernard May President at National Positions
  • Scraping Solutions set up a multi-site scrape for me last year. I wanted to take 2 sets of data and compare them against each other. Despite the task being a challenging one - Izzy and Gayana were able to offer several creative solutions when we hit any speed bumps. They were quick workers and good communicators (despite my spotty availability to focus on this - they always remained patient with me - which I continued to appreciate) I still use Izzy and Gayana for periodic scrapes to keep my data fresh. I plan to continue working with them.

    David G. Manager - Prestige Lakewide
  • Isuru is an exceptional developer as well as a leader . I had complete trust in both his skill sets and decision making ability. It is rare as a manager that you can walk away and just know something will be done right, I had that confidence in Isuru. It is an added bonus that Isuru is a true professional, team player and great to work with. I would gladly recommend him to any business.

    Jenny Campbell Managing Director at Academic Partnerships
  • We have been using Scraping Solutions for 2+ years now for our data collection needs, they always produce a product exactly to our liking and their customer service is second-to-none. I would highly recommend using them for data collection.

    Lars Bell Disposition Manager at 20Capital.com
  • Team at scraping solutions is crucial for many of our software components as they have a very broad experience and knowledge of development technology (especially their implementations with C#/.NET, MSSQL, Web/Mobile Development and Web Crawling are essential for us). Responsiveness is very good, the costs are surely reasonable and team is very reliable. I hope our business relationship will be a long-term one.

    Marc Tybout Co-Founder at eXtractorONE BV
scrapingsolutionsOur 30 Days Money Back Guarantee