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4 Techniques To Help You Successfully Build An Online Presence

Regardless of your chosen field, the internet is a fantastic place to connect with your audience. This is a sentiment that can be seen across the business and marketing landscapes, as now more than ever companies can be seen investing heavily into their online strategies. With that said, the building and maintenance of a digital presence in some ways a double-edged sword.

While the versatility and possibilities for experimentation that the internet inherently provides can give brands the chance to set themselves apart in a way that many physical mediums won’t allow for, this freedom also means that maintaining a captive audience can be near-impossible...

Why should customers pay attention to YOUR brand within an endless stream of content that is constantly being updated?


This isn’t a simple question to answer, as there is no definitive way to get your brand into the limelight that will work for everyone. However, as we are about to discuss, there are a few key strategies and services that are sure to give you a better chance at success.


The Merits of Marketing Intelligence

You may have a niche that needs to be filled, and a service that perfectly fills that niche, but that doesn’t mean customers will be drawn to it. A sentiment that is shared across all forms of business, the need to connect with your audience is just as important as the need to provide a high-quality service.

While not naming any product specifically, we have all come across an offering that is bafflingly popular despite being less than enticing to the objective eye. This is the power of marketing intelligence; The ability to know exactly what your audience will connect with at a given moment is a very valuable commodity.

That’s where using a web scraper can be very handy.

On the surface, the benefits of using a scraping service may not seem clear when discussing online presence, but the ability to gather analytics from any competitor is an overwhelmingly important addition to your marketing strategy. Purchasing and pricing trends may be ever-changing, but with consistent, informative updates from a managed web scraping service, you have the upper hand when building your strategy.

What’s web scraping? Check here if you are new to web scraping & data extraction –


The Perks of Being on Social Media

Fulfilling customer expectations can often feel like an uphill dash to keep up with developments in technology and innovative branding, and it’s easy to see why.

Put in simple terms; As customers experience things that they haven’t come across before from one brand, their assumptions begin to shift about the brands surrounding them. It’s the marketing equivalent of a child getting one less present than his sister on Christmas, with gratitude quickly turning to jealousy in the face of a perceived failure to provide.

Social media works in a similar fashion, as while much has been said of its positives and pitfalls as a marketing tool, not utilising these platforms can be a one-way trip to antiquity in the eyes of your clientele.


Content Marketing

Pictures may draw an audience closer, but engaging content is what will be the thing that makes them stay.Content marketing is simply the process of using media of varying kinds to propagate your brand’s voice.

That isn’t to say that the burden falls on you to take the reigns in a link building campaign, as there are many services out there that can offer extensive content solutions for you.



SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, involves making your website easier to categorise by Google and other search engines, hopefully allowing you to take that sweet spot on the first page.

While not a comprehensive list, we have hopefully given you some insight into the possibilities available to you. Online marketing skills do not come naturally to everyone, but with time and effort, it’s possible for any brand to find their audience with a successful online presence.

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