5 Effective Ways To Get The Best Deal Out Of Your Supplier

Working with a trusted supplier has many benefits for you as a business owner, but even though you may have already established a good relationship, have you ever thought of renegotiating your prices? This can be a tough thing to do for many people, but keeping your costs down is always going to be the best way to improve your bottom line. In order to get the most out of renegotiation, you need to go in prepared. These tips will help give you the best hand and make it easier for you to score lower prices!

digitalcustomer @ scrapingsolutions5 Effective Ways To Get The Best Deal Out Of Your Supplier
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How To Automate Your Shopify Order Placement Process

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you wear many hats.
We get it, money can be tight when you’re growing your business. Whether it be managing the books, handling your store’s social media, customer service, and of course product management… you’ve got a lot on your plate.

This is why delegating work wherever possible will free up your time doing menial tasks and instead allow you to focus on what matters. One area you can work on improving is your order placement process which as you know is a tedious process, even with all the available plugins out there.

digitalcustomer @ scrapingsolutionsHow To Automate Your Shopify Order Placement Process
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AliExpress Scraper

An application that scrapes product data from AliExpress.com.

This tool is really useful for any e-commerce shop owners to find profitable products from AliExpress daily/weekly/monthly

scrapingsolutionsAliExpress Scraper
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