How to effortlessly monitor your competition with data scraping

Nowadays, a common denominator between an entrepreneur wanting to start a business, a CEO of a big company, a market analyst, a marketer, and even a journalist is data. Yeah, they all derive their strategies and insights from data. It looks like data is becoming the new cool kid in town. It is the core ingredient of market research and business strategies.

Whether you are starting a new business or trying out a new strategy for your existing business, you will definitely need to find a way to access and analyze the vast amount of data available out there.

Michael AttwoodHow to effortlessly monitor your competition with data scraping
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How to collect data legally from a website that requires a login?

No doubt, web scraping is a very useful tool, you can access any amount of data from any website. For this reason, some website owners have opted to hide their content and data behind login screens. This practice prevents most web scrapers from collecting the required data legally because they cannot log in to gain access, without accepting websites specific terms and conditions which usually prohibits use of automation to scrape data.

In this article, I’ll take you through how to collect data legally from a website that requires login.

Michael AttwoodHow to collect data legally from a website that requires a login?
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Top Tip Wednesday – How to find hidden property listings

How to find hidden property listings that are not available on mainstream realestate websites? Kristy from our sales team with another top tip Wednesday.


Link as explained in the video to find hidden property listings:

Michael AttwoodTop Tip Wednesday – How to find hidden property listings
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Is Web Scraping Legal?

For a couple of months now, the debate out there has been revolving around the legality of web scraping. The question out there is, is web scraping legal? Is web scraping illegal? Well, for starters, web scraping, also known as crawling or spidering, is the process of gathering information or data from someone else’s website using some form of software, web scraping software to be precise. Even though some people still scrape websites manually.

The legality or illegality of such a process largely depends on the intention of the person gathering the information.

Michael AttwoodIs Web Scraping Legal?
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6 Common Misunderstandings About Web Scraping

Many businesses nowadays are looking for ways to gather a wide range of data from various websites because a large pool of data could give them a competitive advantage in the market. Many businesses utilize web scraping techniques to help them meet this need.

While many businesses have started using web scraping, misunderstandings about this data scraping technique still exist. I’ll try to debunk some of those misconceptions here to help you have a deeper understanding of web scraping.

1. Web scraping is illegal

Perhaps this is the biggest myth surrounding web scraping technology.

Michael Attwood6 Common Misunderstandings About Web Scraping
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How To Capture LinkedIn Leads: The New Way vs. The Old Way

What is the biggest challenge facing a budding entrepreneur or business owner? Well, most of them struggle to generate good quality leads that can be converted into loyal customers.

No doubt, the advent of the internet in the 90s and subsequent birth of digital marketing has led to the adoption of diverse lead generation techniques. You can no longer rely on old way tactics like manual searching, saving to spreadsheets, cold calling, and promotional SMS. Perhaps you could change tact and focus on using different social media platforms such as LinkedIn for lead generation.

Michael AttwoodHow To Capture LinkedIn Leads: The New Way vs. The Old Way
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Web Scraping: Why So Many Businesses Use It and Why You Should Too!

Over the years, web scraping has become an integral part of many small and large business structures. In order to scale up your business, streamline your business services and drive your profits, it is necessary to implement data scraping techniques. After all, the grounds on which business’ operate are always changing- at any given point you may be the very best of your industry and within a few months your status can change dramatically. 

With competition rising rapidly it is crucial to gauge what developments have been implemented in order to stay ahead in the ever-changing market of the business world.

scrapingsolutionsWeb Scraping: Why So Many Businesses Use It and Why You Should Too!
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Trivago Data Extractor

The main purpose of this application is to allow you to easily monitor your competitors rates.

You can use this program to perform pricing research to help adjust your pricing strategy, as well as researching pricing for specific locations and dates.

Please note that we do not perform any automation, scripts, robots or web crawlers that violates terms or conditions of through this product. We do not encourage any kind of automation to scrape as it’s against Trivago terms and conditions.

Michael AttwoodTrivago Data Extractor
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How To Generate Craigslist Leads Quicker

Around since what now seems like the dinosaur days of the internet (aka 1996), Craigslist has been a long loved and consistently used website for businesses and individuals alike. With over 50 billion monthly page views, it’s hard to ignore this platform and its marketing potential. Not to mention, it’s absolutely FREE to use.

Originally built as an alternative to traditional local listings, Craigslist has opened the business growth possibilities even in the smallest of towns and cities. Whether you’re a realtor, run a home cleaning business, car dealership, or virtually any other locally run business, you’ve probably dipped your toes into the Craigslist lead-sourcing-pool once or twice before.

scrapingsolutionsHow To Generate Craigslist Leads Quicker
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How To Generate Leads From Zillow On Auto-Pilot

Whether you’re a broker or agent, you’ve probably used Zillow quite a few times by now as you search for new, amazing properties. These days, however, great listings are getting harder and harder to come by as more of your competitors use the exact same methods as you do. So, how do the successful real estate agents do it? How do they always seem to get their hands on the latest, greatest listings on Zillow before anyone else?

One word: automation.

scrapingsolutionsHow To Generate Leads From Zillow On Auto-Pilot
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