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Programs for Property - Using Software Tools to Get the Best Deal on Your New Home

Aside from the Real Estate apps and websites we constantly find ourselves coming back to as an excellent source of home listings and information about what’s what from suburb to suburb, we rarely consider digital services to be beneficial when deciding to purchase a property. However, as people become more aware of the tricks of the trade that Real Estate agents and advertisers alike utilise to draw out prospective buyers, it’s natural that these buyers are looking to find another way.

This is where digital services come into play.

There is an abundance of services that can be utilised to overturn the house hunting experience, and while it can take some digging to find the services that work for you, the outcome is sure to be beneficial to your search.

Managed Product Research

What could be more fortuitous for your property search than the chance to cut through the misleading language of Real Estate, while gathering valuable data in a way that can be easily categorised and quantified for your specific needs? This is one of the overwhelming boons of web scraping, as it gives you the valuable ability to gather a wide array of information from websites specifically relevant to your hunt.

For the needs of the humble homebuyer, Scraping Solution’s VRBO & Zillow scraping tool is a perfect example of how this style of data extraction can be used to boost the chances of those on the hunt for property.

Taking data from websites such as VRBO and Zillow as the name suggests, this handy program allows its users to gather information on the current housing market in a format that is simple to understand. This has resounding benefits, as it then leaves users a wealth of knowledge about current pricing trends and market prices, offering up a perfect way to strategise your purchases effectively.

“The Neighbourhood Watch”

With apps maintaining immense prevalence in the last few years, and businesses quickly catching onto the upward trend, it would be difficult not to mention one. AroundMe is a useful service that allows you to find the services, facilities and shops in the surrounding area of your prospective home. While estate agents will often boast of the fantastic options for cafes, bars and shopping areas of a place, it can be difficult to trust how valid many of these explanations are.

Without sprawling the suburb yourself, personally finding out whether or not each establishment is as wonderful as you have been told, it can be difficult to determine whether or not these additions to your area will end up suiting your needs. Thankfully, this app does much of the work for you, ensuring that you will never be paying extra to live in a place that doesn’t adhere to your tastes.

Other Apps That Can Assist in the House-Hunting Experience:

House Hunter - A handy housing helper that allows you to search a surprisingly large pool of houses, most of which with impeccably detailed descriptions, Add to that a mortgage calculator and several different engagement tools for sellers, and you end up with an excellent, easy pocket guide. - One of Australia’s leading Real Estate websites (which likely won’t come as too much of a surprise), this app is a simple expansion of your listing searching abilities. With a variety of customisable ranges to make sure that you aren’t wading through hundreds of irrelevant listings and a simple process for setting up inspection/auction times, this tool shows that great tools don’t have to be complicated.

Instant online pre-qualify tool - Unless you’re one of the rare individuals that are able to pay for your new home outright, you’re going to need to know if you qualify for a loan large enough to facilitate this purchase. With this handy tool, an answer to your loan eligibility concerns is just a few swipes and clicks away.

There is a wide array of programs that can assist you with tackling the property market, and while we can’t possibly get to all of them this time around, hopefully, we’ve given you a more thorough understanding of the choices available to you when on the prowl for a property. Happy hunting!

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