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Which is better? Using a Web Scraping Company Vs. Doing it Yourself to Avoid IP Bans

Web scraping is a technique that pulls certain bits of targeted information from various websites.
This pulling of information can be done on a small or large scale, by either man or software. Data scraping from a fundamental basis requires some knowledge of coding and programming, which is why simply purchasing data scraping software tool off the shelf of your local computer store can be quite convenient.

Sometimes, however, these tools can simply go too far, which is why outsourcing your scraping work to a website scraping company can be far more beneficial than doing it yourself.

Let’s have a glance at the top four reasons why your business will be better off using a website scraping company rather than off the shelf software.

Website Scraping Companies Have Infrastructure With Proven Effectiveness and the Ability to Monitor Website Traffic for Ideal Scraping Times

Website scraping companies are scraping companies for a reason; they’re in the business because they know how to do what they advertise. Why hand a complex piece of software over to an employee of yours that has a limited knowledge of website scraping? Additionally, scraping enterprises know web traffic trends, know when to browse for optimal data extraction, and know what not to do when it comes to probing.

Scraping Companies Have Access to Millions of Private IP Addresses

VPN’s are utterly important when data scraping, as are proxy servers.
Managed web scraping companies have access to a dynamically rotating set of millions of different private addresses, ensuring that the companies can scrape data successfully and avoid detection.

Off Shelf Software Often Uses Known IP Addresses

Similar to the above point, many software packages used for data scraping that you can buy off the shelf use IP addresses that, for the most part, are well known by websites. Once the site detects this address, you’re blocked and your money goes down the drain! In summary, you’ll most likely have a more productive website scrape with a website scraping company than with third party software.

Most importantly, you’ll save your company valuable time to focus on business, rather than spend it data scraping

We’ve gathered that data scraping software really might not be worth it, but it can be damaging to your business, as far as productivity is concerned. With new software comes the need to learn about it, and potentially learn new skills to use it successfully. While considering a website scraping company versus that of third-party software, you may take cost into consideration.

Think of it like this, however – while the services offered by website scraping companies may cost a little more, you might be costing your company more in the long run due to lost productivity of the employees that have to learn to use the data scraping software. Overall, website scraping companies will enable your company to continue to run optimally, without any setbacks or lost productivity.

Website scraping is an important tool used in today’s technology-laden world, a tool used by those looking to pull bits of data or information from websites to ascertain sales and/or marketing information. When not done properly, however, scraping can lead to all sorts of website bans, and potential legal issues. Why not hand it over to the big boys and girls?

There are companies that are built for website scraping, and using them as opposed to third-party scraping software can be advantageous to your company and your employees' productivity. Forget the software; get your scraping done with a company that’s proven their effectiveness!

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