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November 30, 2016 | scrapingsolutions

In the world of eCommerce, it helps when you don’t have to constantly be following up with orders, fulfillment, customer follow up, and even competitor research. Every extra minute you can save by automating your eCommerce store helps you work smarter and ultimately grow. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 34 automation tools we recommend for eCommerce companies like yours.

Recommended Cloud-Based Inventory Management Tools:

When it comes to inventory management, nothing is more frustrating than trying to sort through pages and pages of Excel sheets. While this may have been okay in the very infancy of your eCommerce store, as you grow, you’ll need an easier, more efficient way to manage your inventory.

Stitch Labs brings together your entire eCommerce (and even Brick & Mortar) operation in one central command center so that you can easily manage your business. No more Excel sheet tracking orders, Stitch Labs has been “built for efficiency and growth” Full inventory management, business analytics, and full team access are just a few selling points.

Tradegecko helps you to fully automate your inventory management tasks so that you don’t waste precious minutes on the mundane. Easily track orders and inventory across multiple channels, and even connect with popular cloud based accounting software.

Accelerate your eCommerce growth with this inventory and accounting tool that comes packed with integration options. This multi channel tool caters to all member of your team, whether it be the CEO, Operations Manager, Finance Manager, or Merchandiser. In fact, Brightpearl claims that their customers grow 3x faster year to year than those who do not use their tool.

With Contalog you have everything at your fingertips that you need from inventory to sales management across all platforms. Whether B2C or B2B, Contalog also provides a very useful mobile app so that you can check your data on the go.

Recommended eCommerce Fulfillment Services:

Order fulfillment is one of the most time consuming tasks an eCommerce business faces and the more orders you receive, the less time you’ll have. Instead of worrying about shipping orders at the right time, you can easily outsource this to a fulfillment service. These company's provide services, tools, and people that are professional and help save you precious time.

Shipwire is a cloud based platform that handles all your shipping needs. Easily ship globally or domestically from one of their hundreds of global locations. Dropshipping and sell through retail also available. Custom branding and shipping labelling is available.

Web-based and real time, eFulfillment provides inventory storage and fulfillment on a domestic or international level. Tracking is provided to you and your customers and they even provide free shopping cart integration. eFulfillment does provide custom branding and shipping labels.

Amazon Fulfillment, or FBA, is a service available to all Amazon sellers in order to make their eCommerce process easier to manage. Items are stored and shipped from Amazon fulfillment centers with your branding. provides a simplified process fulfillment, delivery and returns. By connectint to your CRM, their simple 5 step process makes your eCommerce fulfillment automation quick and hassle free. You can also store your products at any of their worldwide locations.

Recommended Cart Abandonment Tools:

With the average cart abandonment rate these days being around 68%, it’s easy to see why follow up with those who have added items yet not purchased is integral to your growth as an eCommerce brand.

  • Granify - Price Only Available Via Quote

Granify is a cart abandonment tool on steroids! With over “400 attributes per second” the tools is able to fully understand and predi

ct your buyers digital body language and follow them around your site. Fully automated, their Decision Engine is able to identify shoppers’ objections and display custom messages directly addressing their concerns, helping to alleviate online buying stress.

Trusted by eCommerce heavyweights like Amazon, eBay, and Zappos, it’s easy to see why Ghost Monitor is a constant favourite in cart abandonment tools. Ghost Monitor automatically sends an email to anyone who abandons their cart on your website. Taking only a mere 50 seconds to set up, Ghost Monitor is so easy to use that “even your mother in law could do it.”

This Sales Recovery tool is a good option for those who want to pay a one time fixed cost (with option to extend license each year) for a plugin that’s easy to install. With EDD, you can also set up custom discount codes as part of the cart abandonment process which can play a big role in further enticing an abandoner.

The nice thing about the Abandon Cart Saver is that it comes included for Bigcommerce users who subscribe to the Plus, Pro, or Enterprise plan. For those on the Standard plan, Bigcommerce claims that a “5% increase alone can cover the cost of upgrading to a Plus plan.”

For eCommerce brands running their store on Shopify or thinking about it, the Shopify and Advanced Shopify plans come complete with the Shopify Abandon Carts Recovery tool. Buyers who fail to checkout are emailed a prefilled cart link and custom message which you can set yourself.

Need some inspiration on what to put in your abandon cart follow up emails? Here are 13 Amazing Abandon Cart Emails you can learn from.

Recommended On-Site Conversion Tools:

A simple change like a “buy” button colour or the size of your product photos might not seem that big, until you start implementing A/B testing. It’s when you dig into your on-site conversion statistics that you notice it’s the little things that matter the most. Using any of the following tools can help you determine where you’re going wrong and how to you can improve on your product pages and even your overall website.

Understanding how your customers use your eCommerce site can be a powerful tool and help you decide which products to offer, which products to get rid of, and so much more. User Testing provides you with a video (complete with audio) of your target market using your site with results available in an hour!

The best way to describe Crazy Egg is that it’s “like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website.” This is more than just a simple heat map tool though since you can also see where your customers are coming from and what they’re clicking on and not clicking on. Simple to set up, it’s a no brainer tool for automating on site conversion.

A/B software trusted by thousands of marketers, Visual Website Optimizer conversion platform comes with over 100 features that allow you to optimize your website and improve your conversions. With this software you could run test of varying product pages to see which performs best, choosing the winner in the end.

Clicktale allows you to “experience your website as your customers do”  by giving you the exact page by page, click by click overview of your customers’ behaviour. Amongst the many useful features, Clicktale allows you to gauge customer behaviour and intent, and engage them appropriately.

Recommended Sales Funnel Tools:

Being a part of a buyers journey before they even think of making a purchase is crucial in eCommerce these days as it allows you to greatly reduce your cost of acquisition. When done correctly, you can use a series of targeted sales funnels to meet your buyer at the exact spot they are at in their buying journey. These are a just a few tools that will help you accomplish that.

Clickfunnels makes setting up a sales funnel incredibly easy with their pre-made and ready to go sales funnel templates. Their drag and drop style page design makes it so that you don’t even need a designer to help you create attractive and not to mention, highly converting pages.

Leadpages is the “#1 Landing Pages Builder” that can help you quickly set up pages to generate leads and sales using not only email but also SMS and social media. With hundreds of proven templates available right out of the box, Leadpages is extremely user friendly and quick to set up.

A bit more robust than the previous two options, and in addition to sales funnels, Infusionsoft also offers a way to manage your complete CRM and marketing process. While it will take a bit longer to master this tool, in the end it’s worth it.

Recommended Post Transactional Email Marketing Tools:

Did you know that “companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales ready leads at 33 percent lower cost” ? Yes, as Hubspot pointed out, it’s true. When a customer has purchased from you, it’s the best time to peak their interested so why not use one of the following tools to send an automatic email offering a matching pair of gloves to go with the winter scarf they just purchased from you?

ActiveCampaign is more than just a email automation software, you can also easily manage marketing campaigns, Sales and CRM with this tool. Newsletters and custom email campaigns are easy to visualize and set up with mind map style layout.

With over 14 million users, Mailchimp is one of the more popular email automation tools on the market today. It’s user friendly platform makes sure you can get your email campaigns set up in no time at all, while data tracking allows for powerful automation for online sellers.

  • Aweber - Starts at $19/mo (30 free trial)

Aweber’s drag and drop email creator is easy to use and makes them a top choice for small ecommerce businesses. With their Legacy Follow Up series, it’s also easy to set up a follow up sequence once a customer purchases on your site.

A popular tool with bloggers, eCommerce businesses can also make use of this relative newcomer to the email automation space, but quickly growing in popularity. What makes ConvertKit a true standout is the minimal setup required to get a campaign going as well as their Unlimited everything plans (Forms,Landing Pages, Automation Rules, Emails, etc.).

Recommended Social Media Automation Tools:

Social media is great for eCommerce brands to get in touch with their customers and target market, however it can get quite time consuming when you’re manually pushing updates to your profiles. This is where social media automation tools come in handy.

Edgar is the social media scheduling tool automatically reposts your best content so that you can continue to receive new visitors without having to manually create status updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

IFTTT, which stands for “If This, Then That” works with “Applelets” created by users that bring certain services together to create an outcome. This is particularly useful for social media with Applelets that can post to Twitter each time you create a status update on Facebook for example, or automatically share your latest Instagram post to Facebook.

With over 700 integrated apps, Zapier allows you to create any type of workflow or “Zap” you can imagine to help you fully automate your social media. Quietly working in the background, one user says about Zapier: “My team is now using process to be more productive without even knowing it.”

  • Buffer - Starts at $0/mo ($99/mo for 5 person team)

An easy social media scheduling tool that works with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest. Buffer also has their image creation tool “Pablo” available to users which allows them to create eye catching images to share across all social platforms!

Recommended Cloud-Based Accounting Tools:

Whether keeping track of contractor invoices, suppliers, or even your sales inventory, cloud based accounting tools make your day to day finances easy to manage and even easier to understand come tax season.

FreshBooks aims to make tax time a breeze by keeping track of your day to day accounting tasks for you in one easy to understand, cloud based tool that is also accessible on mobile. Wondering how your business is doing financially? FreshBooks provides timely reporting to help with this!

Quickbooks is an all in one accounting tool that will help you tracking expenses, bills, and transactions… not to mention easily organize your sales and inventory so that you can get paid faster. You can also get real time inventory valuations and stay on top of purchase orders when using this cloud based tool.

For those running an Etsy, eBay, or Amazon store, GoDaddy’s Online Bookkeeping might be the choice for you. You can easily link your store and payment method (Paypal, bank, credit card) so that you get accurate data of how your business is doing financially.

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