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How To Generate Leads From Zillow On Auto-Pilot

June 6, 2017 | scrapingsolutions

Whether you’re a broker or agent, you’ve probably used Zillow quite a few times by now as you search for new, amazing properties. These days, however, great listings are getting harder and harder to come by as more of your competitors use the exact same methods as you do. So, how do the successful real estate agents do it? How do they always seem to get their hands on the latest, greatest listings on Zillow before anyone else?

One word: automation.

Before we get into that…

Why Zillow?

Zillow (and Trulia for that matter) are essentially the Google and Bing of real estate. Before these sites came to fruition, a shopper would first have to contact a realtor who would then provide listings in their desired area. Zillow flips this process upside down providing users on-demand access to real estate.

Out With The Old

You can check on Google right now, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of resources and blog posts that outline ways to get you new leads. Most of them however involve tedious, manual work like sifting through pages and pages of listings just to extract the few that you’re interested in.  It’s always important and necessary to make sure your Zillow profile is up to date, but these days, great agents don’t wait for a lead to fall into their lap, they make use of technology to automatically filter and manage the right leads.

In With The New

Did you know that right now there are approximately 67 million homes on Zillow updated by users? That’s A LOT to search through just for a few leads! Sure, you can spend hours upon hours per day going through each page, but wouldn’t you rather prefer a method that does filters out potential leads on autopilot?

Yes? We thought so.

Wouldn’t you love to spend less time searching for leads, yet acquiring the exact same or even more than you were before? Zillow Pro by Scraping Solutions is the number 1 was to generate leads from Zillow without any monthly fees and with our new SMS, Email & Direct Mail Sending options it's even easier to contact the leads you generate.

With pricing packages starting from only $49 for 10,000 leads and a no obligation free trial why not watch our introduction video and sign up for your free trial!



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